Four Reasons to Buy the Sunset Overdrive Xbox One Bundle

Later this year I’ll finally be picking up an Xbox One for myself. I looked over all the new bundles they have available and I decided that the Sunset Overdrive one¬†would be the one for me. In this article I’ll list the top four reasons you should pick up the SO Xbox bundle. So here we go!:

#4: No Kinect

Most people don’t want the Kinect. There, I said it. For anybody looking into getting an Xbox One that doesn’t want a Kinect tagging along have either the option of the $400 standard model, or the this bundle which has added value. Though if you DO want a Kinect, you’ll have to look elsewhere as there is no Sunset Overdrive bundle that includes the Kinect.

Sad Kinect

#3: It’s White!

Yes that’s right, the Xbox One will finally be available in white later this year. In case you don’t remember the Xbox 360 launched primarily¬†in white back in 2005, but the white Xbox One has only been available to Microsoft employees thus far. Now with the Sunset Overdrive bundle you can finally get your hands on one!


#2: Tons of Great Games

While this may not be exclusive to the Sunset Overdrive bundle of the Xbox One, it still remains true that you’ll get access to a varied landscape of games. Off the top of my head I can list Dead Rising 3, Titanfall, Halo: Master Chief Collection, and even some lesser known titles such as Crimson Dragon and Ryse: Son of Rome.


#1: Value

And the biggest reason to get the Sunset Overdrive bundle is of course, value. Normally the Xbox One would cost $400 ($500 if you want the one with the Kinect), and that’s just without the game. The Sunset Overdrive bundle however comes with the console, along with a digital day one edition of said game. All for the standard Xbox One price of $400! You’d have to be blind not to see the value in this bundle!



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